custody furs milan

Custody and deposit of furs in Milan

Furs are valuable garments and they need care for their storage,
it is very important to ensure that they are always kept away from plastic and garments that could compress them by ruining the fur's hair.
The major expedient has to be taken within seasonal changes, especially during the winter when the fur is used in mountain locations, in most cases coming into contact with snow and rain. Incorrect drying methods cause irreparable damage to the hair also causing a bad smell, while in summer when temperatures rise, an incorrect place of storage increases the risk of causing damage to the fur and the proliferation of pests.

In these cases, to keep your fur always new and strong it is necessary to deposit it in places away from humidity or excessive heat, so the storage of these in cellars or attics becomes risky.
For this reason Lapeco Furrier's shop, in addition to being a historical fur laboratory in Milan, deals with a fundamental part related to their care, offering its customers an excellent service for the custody of furs and deposit in suitable places for storage, with the possibility of using a six-monthly or annual insurance; also offers a service of remittance to model furs and fur modeling in Milan to revive the old models forgotten in the closet. Discover our service and ask for more information.