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Fur modeling in Milan

If you are looking for a service of fur modeling in Milan you need to contact a specialized laboratory able to create innovative models of furs from a classic and simple base.
If you have an old fur hidden in the closet because it is too long or just demodé you can think of giving it new life by making it more modern and fashionable. A beautiful mink fur from your grandmother can be transformed into an exclusive and super-fashionable item of clothing with the addition of decorations and details.

The Lapeco atelier in the centre of Milan offers excellent services for the modeling of furs for men and women of any type, offering a work of the highest quality.
This atelier also has inside as well as a spacious laboratory, a shop where you can buy custom made furs.
The experience of the workers of our fur laboratory makes every job absolutely excellent and of remarkable quality, the love for the raw material is undoubtedly the main prerogative, in fact every fur is treated with respect and love.
The strength of our workshop Made in Italy fur comes from the ability to work with real leather while maintaining its quality and primary characters.
The work of restoring furs requires particular care and skill; working real skins trying to restore their strength and make them more modern is particularly complex. In order for this work to be carried out in the best possible way, it is necessary to use the right tools and specific techniques.

How we model your fur:

We start from an old model and create additional elements, discussing with the customer and considering the best cut to give to your future fur we make changes in cut and style. In this way, the fur will take on new features and shapes, often from an old fur we can get two garments or matching accessories.
When the operation is finished, you will find yourself in front of an item of clothing completely new and renewed in style and look.
In order for the operation to be successful, it is necessary to rely on specialized centers that can offer a high quality service at a competitive price, do not hesitate to contact us for information about our services.