We at Lapeco have been in the fur business for over 30 years, in addition to offering a repairing service, we offer our customers a pick-up and trade-in service for used furs.
With us, your furs inherited or purchased years ago can be retired or re-modeled.
Whatever your choice, our experts will be able to accommodate your every need and desire.


Evaluation of used furs

If you own used fur that you no longer wear or that does not match your aesthetic tastes, you can bring it to Lapeco Fur Shop. Our experts will be able to conduct an appraisal of your used fur or fur garments that you no longer want to wear. The corresponding value can then be subtracted from the amount of the purchase of a new garment.


Take a look at our personalized services and book your appointment at the atelier for a consultation on your custom garment and for a trade-in of your used fur coat in Milan. We are here to turn your aspirations into reality. Schedule an appointment by clicking below.