Explore the timeless beauty of fox fur, a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Fox fur catches the eye with its luxurious softness and variety of alluring hues. Our white or silver fox fur designs lend a touch of glamour and charm to any ensemble.

To wear a fox fur garment is to embrace a note of bold exuberance as its long fibers float elegantly with every step.

Lapeco offers a wide range of colors for fox furs, from classic red fox to more modern shades such as gray or black silver fox. Every fur coat or vest made from this material evokes timeless style and an irresistible feeling of luxury. 

Check out the prices of fox furs handmade by Lapeco on our online shop.

Add a touch of sophistication with fox fur, or have our artisans make a fox fur collar for your jacket, a fashion choice that is sure not to go unnoticed.

White Fox Gilet

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Explore our fox furs and discover your own unique style. We are ready to welcome you to our atelier to show you our latest garments and create a look tailored just for you. Book your appointment by clicking here. Or visit our website for online fur sales.