Lapeco has solid experience and expertise in the REFURBISHING FURS, in the processing and repair of leather for the creation of exclusive garments.

It is often the case that a garment needs only a few repairs, albeit well done, to become as good as new again.

We assist our clients in all aspects of maintaining and repairing furs so that their value is maintained over time.



If you have a fur coat that looks dated or worn out, with a few simple steps, at Lapeco we can renew it and make it look like new. How do we renew fur? Our craftsmen who specialize in cleaning and regenerating furs can remove any stains and restore the fur's natural shine. In addition, the fur can be trimmed or redesigned to give it a new style. You can also dye the fur and change its color. With these steps, your fur can look as good as new and continue to be a valuable garment for many years to come.


If you are looking to update your wardrobe with a touch of luxury and sophistication, remodeling your fur coat may be the perfect solution. We have many options available for remodeling a fur coat, such as adding leather or fabric details, inserting new pockets or buttons, or redesigning the pattern for a more contemporary look. In addition, you can choose to dye the fur in a more modern color or opt for partial coloring, creating a gradient effect. The fur remodeling process performed by our professional craftsmen ensures that the fur is treated with care, attention, and only the highest quality products. With Lapeco you can transform your dated fur into a modern and fashionable garment.

Your garments, sometimes forgotten in closets due to defects caused by time, in our expert hands can find new life, request an appointment now!


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