Le pellicce sono capi pregiati ed è per questo motivo che la pulitura richiede estrema attenzione, Lapeco adopera i metodi tradizionali per il lavaggio e la pulitura delle pellicce, garantendo un risultato impeccabile, utilizzando prodotti specifici e tecniche di lavaggio delicate per preservare la qualità della pelliccia. Il lavaggio e la pulitura delle pellicce sono fondamentali per mantenere la morbidezza e la bellezza del capo, nonché per prolungarne la durata nel tempo.



Why and when to clean furs?

Furs also require care for their storage, it is important to make sure that these are always stored free of cases made of inappropriate materials and spaces that could sacrifice their integrity.
Especially in the winter period when the fur comes into contact with snow and rain, incorrect drying methods can cause irreparable damage to it.

In the summer, as temperatures rise, an incorrect storage location increases the risk of damage to the fur.


Fur Washing CostFur Washing Cost.

The cost of washing furs can vary greatly depending on the quality of the garment, its size and the washing techniques used. In any case, it is important to rely on experienced professionals such as Lapeco to wash and clean furs in order to avoid irreparable damage to the garment and ensure its longevity. With proper treatment and maintenance, in fact, a fur coat can last for many years and always remain beautiful and soft.
Lapeco treats all types of leather: find out how much it costs to wash a reindeer jacket, a mink fur coat, or how much it costs to clean a suede jacket.

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