Explore our collection of high quality real furs. Milan Lapeco's Historic Fur Shop is the ideal choice for those seeking mink, chinchilla, lynx, fox and swakara furs for both women and men for a touch of luxury and timeless elegance. 

If you love the craftsmanship and quality of Italian furs, you are in the right place. 

Our fur garments are handmade with fine materials and craftsmanship in Lapeco's fur workshop in downtown Milan and provide comfort, style and warmth for every occasion.


The collection features women's fur models created with a contemporary chic and youthful style, with carefully researched fabrics, attention to detail and in perfect harmony with the type of fur for each individual garment. Our fur shop boasts a wide selection of furs, crafted with skill and attention to detail, to offer you only the best in Italian fur. Our furs are available in a wide range of styles, from classic mink furs to bolder lynx and swakara furs, to meet your every style need. In addition, our fur shop offers a bespoke selection of men's furs, with unique and refined designs perfect for those who want a sleek and sophisticated look. Choose the fur that best represents you and have an unforgettable shopping experience at our historic fur shop in Milan. 

In addition, we provide full service in case of tearing or unstitching of the garment included with the warranty. We at Lapeco are committed to providing special customer service for an exclusive shopping experience.

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Explore our furs And discover your unique style. We are ready to welcome you to our atelier to show you our latest garments and create a look tailored just for you. Book your appointment by clicking here. Or visit our website for the Online fur shop.