Leather Jackets, Blazers and Suede Bikers

Lapeco Milano Collection - The Authentic Beauty of Italian Leather Jackets Available in Milan's Historic Fur Shop

Explore the rugged elegance of leather jackets, a timeless symbol of style, audacity and personality.

Lapeco offers a wide selection of leather, suede, Blazer and Biker jackets made from top-grade Italian leathers. 

Made from high-quality leathers, these leather jackets offer an aura of timeless appeal and are synonymous with durability and strength.

Leather adapts to the body over time, creating a tailored fit and unbeatable comfort. To wear a leather jacket is to embrace a style steeped in coolness and confidence, evoking the image of iconic rebels and motorcycles on the open road. Whether you prefer a rock 'n' roll look or a more sophisticated aesthetic, leather jackets are a classy addition to your wardrobe. 

Our tailored men's and women's leather jackets come in a wide range of colors and patterns and are perfect for those who want a casual yet refined look, while our suede jackets offer an extra touch of elegance. In addition, our suede biker jackets are the ideal choice for those who want a bolder, rockier look but at the same time glamorous and refined. All of our leather garments are made with the utmost attention to detail and handcrafted techniques, to offer you only the best of Italian fur.

Experience the timeless appeal of leather jackets and discover the power of bold, long-lasting style.


Explore our genuine leather jackets and discover your own unique style. We are ready to welcome you to our Atelier to show you our handcrafted leather jackets for men and women and create a tailored look for you. Book your appointment here or discover our leather creations online.