Old fur: what to do to give it new life

Jun 28, 2023 | Furs, Refurbishing Fur, Tailored-Made

Furs have been symbols of elegance and luxury for many decades, but in recent years they have become the subject of debate due to concerns about animal welfare. Many individuals who have inherited or owned older furs face a dilemma: what to do with these furs that may seem unfashionable or unethical? In this article, we will explore some creative options for giving new life to an old fur coat, allowing you to reduce waste and find a sustainable use for this precious garment.

Transformation into a modern garment

One of the most popular options for reusing an old fur coat is to turn it into a new modern garment. You can take it to an experienced cutter who can redesign it to create a fashionable jacket, coat, or even a stylish vest. With a little creativity, your old fur coat can be transformed into a unique garment that suits your personal taste.

Use as a blanket or pillow

A creative alternative for reusing an old fur coat is to turn it into a blanket or furry pillows. This can be a luxurious way to add comfort and warmth to your home. You can turn to us to create custom blankets or pillows with your fur that are perfect for your interior.

Creating accessories

If you have smaller fur, you can consider turning it into stylish accessories. For example, you can use the fur to create detachable collars to match existing coats, sweaters or jackets. Also, you could use a small strip of fur as a headband or to decorate a bag or scarf.


While public opinion about fur is changing and many have become more aware of the ethical issues involved in its production, there are still molte opzioni creative e sostenibili per dare nuova vita a una vecchia pelliccia. Trasformarla in un capo d’abbigliamento moderno, utilizzarla per creare accessori eleganti o conservarla come un ricordo di famiglia sono solo alcune delle possibilità che hai a disposizione.

When deciding what to do with an old fur coat, it is important to consider your personal values and lifestyle. If the idea of wearing a fur coat does not seem appropriate, you can find a meaningful way to reuse it or donate it to someone who might benefit from it.

In any case, avoid throwing it away irresponsibly. Furs are expensive and high-quality products, so it is important to look for ways to reduce waste and maximize the use of this valuable material. Be creative and think about the options that best reflect your values and interests.

As the fur debate continues, it is important to promote the conscious use of materials and sustainability in fashion. Let's remember that the goal is to reduce waste and find innovative ways to give new life to objects while preserving respect for animals and the environment.

In the end

An old fur coat does not have to be relegated to oblivion or thrown away. With a little creativity and consideration, you can turn it into something beautiful and meaningful that reflects your personal values. Do your part to reduce waste and promote a sustainable lifestyle by giving that old fur a new life.

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